HERE Map Gestures

The design of maps gestures. It appears like something simple, but the details make it feel effortless to navigate the map.


HERE Map Pin

Hello new Map Marker for the new HERE brand.

Designed to fit the 45 deg angle of the brand, be visually distinctive and is completely flexible for use across different platforms / devices / experiences.

We began by researching existing digital map markers from across the web. We found the archetypical versions of a pin with a round head very common and not very flexible. After creating a lot of sketches we decided on the theme of origami & paper folding. The animation action became a bit complicated to implement and tiring to look at for users. But the folded pin stuck around.


Atlas Machines 3D

Atlas Machines - Renderings

The Atlas renderings were an interesting challenge. These machines are each the size of a single family house. The original files from the engineers included every little nut, bolt & screw. File sizes were very large. The challenge was to accurately portray the scale of the material for the size of the machine. These machines were printed in large format for display at trade shows and used for a variety of marketing materials.

All of the renderings were created for ThreeView in Munich, Germany.