Mazda Kabura

Mazda Kabura - Concept

The car that almost killed us. Nearly 11 all-nighters to get this finished on time. Not from our side, but due to delays from the customer. Super complicated headlights, dashboard, tail and mirror lighting. Video screen embedded in dash with custom fiber-optic glass. Yes, glass made from melted fiber optic strands. 


Toyota Scion Fuse

Toyota Scion Fuse - Concept

A bad-ass car needs bad-ass lighting!


Toyota f3r

Toyota F3R - Concept

The Toyota concept designers said ‘make it look like a cool bar in a loft like in down town LA’. Little did they know that we actually lived in exactly the kind of space they were describing in down town LA. 

This project used a lot of different techniques to get the effects right. In the dash were custom backlight panels for the instruments. The upper dash used a mix of Pixcells and backlit high power LEDs. Inside the seat panels were custom created side lit fiber optic strands behind back painted acrylic panels. The ceiling had a ring of Pixcells. And finally the seats had hand bent neon tubes built into the sides. 


Toyota Scion t2b

Toyota Scion t2B - Concept

Wow. Custom built 200 Pixcell network to provide full color & animated lighting. Super bling.


Acura RDX

Acura RDX - Concept

First use of red silk-screening circuit board on tail light electronics with clear plastic cover. I still like the exposed HDD in the center console.


Volvo 3CC

Volvo 3CC - Concept

Most likely the very first car with 200 Watt full color headlights. All the lights in the car were fully networked and programmable. We had a lot of fun programming different lighting effects. My favorite was the ‘paparazzi’ mode where random LEDs around the car would flash white quickly as if the whole car were being photographed by the paparazzi!

When the car went back to the Volvo design studio we spent a lot of time fine tuning the lights. For example, spening around 3 hours with the car designers to pick the right ‘orange-yellow’ for the turn signals. That’s one of the advantages of having all of the lights in the car color tunable.

Head, tail & interior lighting.


Mitsubishi STC

Mitsubishi STC - Concept

Animated interior headliner gave the driver & passenger the feeling of motion. This was the first vehicle that started our automotive show car lighting run. Eventually we worked on 13 unique show cars for a variety of automotive companies.