One Lamp

One Lamp

6 meter LED ring lamp for a design studio lobby. Using over 120 side firing 1 watt LEDs. The enclosure is less than 3cm thick and appears to float in space.


Critter Lamp

Critter Lamp

Designed to look like a giant computer chip. The lamp was displayed in the trade show booth of Ingo Maurer in the 2007 Milan Furniture Fair.

Extendable Antennas up to 3 feet long.
26 (1W) full color LEDs
Unique Hue-Saturation-Brightness Rotary control knobs.



Eos 3 Lamp

This was a special edition of the EOS created for our designer friends apartment. It hung horizontally from steel ceiling support structures. A remote control allowed it to change colors or animate like a sideways lava lamp. The thin wires made it appear to float in the night.


Vegas Bar Lights

Vegas Bar

Wall lighting concept using cast acrylic panels with wood trim. Back lighting of the panels created interesting effects.



Sparks - Trade Show Booth

Bottom lighting of models to highlight different parts of a story.


Airport Bar

Airport Bar

A bar named because it sat close under the flight path of the San Diego Airport. Visitors could watch jets overhead from the rear patio. All of the interior lighting could be changed on a whim from the DJ booth overlooking the main area. A main feature was a set of round Aurora tables that were linked together. This allowed people to play with the table colors and send colors to other tables.



Eos 2 Lamp

The EOS 2 was our next generation version. This one was redesigned to be networkable so that multiple lamps could animate together. It gave a surreal effect to watch patters start on one tube and then slowly go through one lamp after another.


Aurora Coffee Table

Aurora Table

In partnership with Orange 22.
Full color, touch controllable, networkable coffee table. Installed in both homes and lounges.


Digital Atmosphere

Digital Atmosphere

An interactive artwork displayed at the Santa Monical Museum of Art during the Art In Motion (AIM) Festival.

This was a custom built 6 speaker surround sound system with a Korg Kaos pad hanging in the middle of the dance floor. A DJ played music while dancers could interact with the sound of the music in real time. The project won a grant from ArtCenter in Pasadena and was also displayed at USC in Los Angeles.



EOS 1 Lamp

‘EOS’ the goddess of the dawn. A subtle curve on the bottom of the base allows the EOS to sway side to side. Unique animation options included random and chaos patterns. The lamp appeared like an endless electric lava lamp. The full color animated lamp was available in 3 sizes: 2, 4, 6 feet tall. 


Bubble Lamp

Bubble Lamp

The Bubble Lamp concept was created in 2000 and licensed to Mathmos in the UK. The idea came after taking a lighting class at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. At the time RGB LEDs had not taken off yet. Seeing an opportunity for exploring blue LEDs the concepts main feature was incorporating the sense of touch. Squeezing the light turned it on/off. The idea of squeezing was later patented #6626554

The lamp won an award at the College and I was sent to the Milan furniture fair to present the lamp. At the show I met the famous lighting designer Ingo Maurer who borrowed the lamp, later inviting me to lunch.

Patented squishy re-chargeable silicone ball lamp.