HERE Map Pin

Hello new Map Marker for the new HERE brand.

Designed to fit the 45 deg angle of the brand, be visually distinctive and is completely flexible for use across different platforms / devices / experiences.

We began by researching existing digital map markers from across the web. We found the archetypical versions of a pin with a round head very common and not very flexible. After creating a lot of sketches we decided on the theme of origami & paper folding. The animation action became a bit complicated to implement and tiring to look at for users. But the folded pin stuck around.


HERE Map Creator

HERE Map Creator

The HERE Map Creator website enables people around the world to make and edit HERE Maps. Large communities of people are adding their local knowledge which in turn benefits the larger community.

The first task when re-designing the site was to build new connections within the HERE organization. The developers of the HERE site sat in a different city many kilometers away. They had been working on the previous site without a designer. Getting to know them, their needs and introducing them to the design process was a pleasurable experience on all sides.

Once the design process began it included: competitor benchmarking, developing personas, logic flows, wireframing, site visual mockups, and the metrics for measuring the success of the site redesign.




HERE Maps 3D

Before there was Apple Maps 3D there was HERE Maps 3D. After launching this site Apple quickly bought the company we partnered with.

Integration of 3D maps into the HERE.com website.
Concepts, wireframes, interactions & map controls.

Awesome fan made video by Paul Wex!

And before there was HERE 3D there was Nokia 3D…


And before that there was Ovi 3D.

This was a city selector. Clicking on an image would take you to a great view of the city along with a slow rotation.


Ah yes, San Francisco.



Detail Magazine

Detail, Detail 360 & Detail X

Website re-branding.


Add Impulse Media

Add Impulse Media

Website re-branding.


Supply Pro

Supply Pro - Kiosk Interface

This was one of the first interfaces I worked on. The company built a variety of kiosks that were used in offices or factories to distribute supplies to workers. One interesting use was to hold power tools and the miscellaneous supplies that went with them like a power drill & bits. The interface allowed a user to check out the tool, then later return it and make a note if the tool was worn or damaged. Pretty high tech for 1999.


Children’s Hospital

Children's Hospital of Los Angeles - Kiosk Interface

“A new interactive kiosk for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles celebrates the city’s diverse communities and highlights the spirit of giving that makes the hospital possible. To appeal to an audience of all ages and backgrounds. Harvest Moon Studio created a highly visual, animated interface. We provided turn-key services to the exhibit designer and builder, Lexington Scenery, in time for the hospital’s Centennial Celebration in May 2001.” - Harvest Moon Studio

“Fantastic! It’s received rave reviews and has proven to be quite durable. Thanks for all the hard work.” - J.S. Manager, Children’s Hospital LA

A big thanks to Heather and Mark @ Harvest Moon for getting me into the business.


Behr Paint

Behr Paint - Kiosk Interface

A comprehensive kiosk for creating color palettes, matching colors with textiles, visualizing the colors in 3D interiors and outputting the color formula to create the color in paint.

Installed in big box hardware stores like Home Depot across the USA.